Road Map
We draw up a roadmap for the project: goals, key milestones, deadlines, necessary resources.
Development strategy
We write a detailed plan to achieve your community goals — through communication with the audience, events, and the transmission of values.
CJM (Customer Journey Map)
You're he-e-ere
We trace the path of a resident in your community in the smallest details: from entry to a possible exit.
Community financial model
We determine the costs of creating a community and the organizers’ revenue for a 12-month period.
Content plan
We create a communication strategy that meets the residents’ needs.
Business plan
Calendar of events
We create a conceptual event plan that supports community values and the audience’s interests.
We describe how the community will be making a profit as well as the payback period.
Creating a Team
We use our agency’s HR department to find qualified specialists for open positions in the community.
We fill the staff in and launch a fully autonomous community management structure.
We define goals and objectives of the future community, analyze a target audience, draw up a participant’s portrait, and develop a community's organizational structure.
We implement the project for a period from 2 weeks to 3 months
The actual dates depend on the calendar of our joint meetings and the cooperation format: offline or online.